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About Black Bag

Black Bag Music is a Production Company and Record / Publishing Label founded by Composer / Producer Gerry Owens. It’s a home for releases of ‘Skindive;’, ‘Lluther’, ‘Gerry Owens’ and ‘Enemee’.

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Skindive‘s music has been described as ‘Cinematic Electronic Rock’. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Skindive signed to Chris Blackwell’s Palm Pictures LLC in New York in 1999 and released their eponymous debut album ‘Skindive’ in 2001. The album was written and produced by Gerry Owens, with co-production from Alan Branch (Sinead O’Connor, Jeff Beck), Adrian Sherwood (NIN, Ministry, On-U Sound System) and Skip McDonnald (MC5). The album was mixed by Dave ‘Rave’ Ogilvie (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson). Their second album ‘Between The Cracks‘ is to be released through Black Bag in 2019. Visit their Official Skindive page for more details.

Danielle Harrison – Vocals
Gerry Owens – Electronics/Guitars
Alan Lee – Bass
Ger Farrell – Drums

[wvc_testimonial_slider][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“Mind Blowing”” name=”The Boston Globe”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“Skindive” sounds like Bjork if she were backed by Marilyn Manson circa Antichrist Superstar and the orchestra from Metallica’s S&M”” name=”Rolling Stone Magazine”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“the listener is introduced to a dazzling shockwave of sound propelled by luscious string arrangements. Skindive will storm our shores and marketplaces with no mercy, leaving only dropped jaws on club floors and heads spinning off into oblivion”” name=”Digital Artifact”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“Dublin-based Skindive attacks like a short-changed call girl: seriously intense, ferociously determined, but all the while beautiful and exciting”” name=”FHM Magazine”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“Oh wow! Breeders meets Massive Attack as skindive kick in the Jams. This record has all the things that music and sex have in common, it’s hard, it’s intimate, it’s brutal, it’s tantalising, it’s trippy, it’s good every time you do it. Skindive are the only Irish band I’ve ever heard who might possibly give Bono’s boys a run for their money in the world domination stakes” Stephen Robinson” name=”Hotpress Magazine”][/wvc_testimonial_slider]


Lluther’s first album ‘Agents Of Empire‘ fuses the darkest and heaviest elements of rock with unsettling vocals and a sharp edge. The album was written and produced by Gerry Owens & mixed by Mark Carolan (Muse, The Cure, JJ72). Agents Of Empire was licensed to Daniel Heerdman‘s ‘Teifdruck Musik’ label in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From that point, Lluther toured in Europe extensively.

Owens wrote the second album ‘Rise Of The Reptile‘ King’ as a concept album, based on a fictitious circus character called ‘The Reptile King’. Lluther set about focusing on the US market with ‘Rise Of The Reptile’ and toured there extensively.

Visit the Official Lluther Page for more Information, Releases etc. 

Lluther’s Most Recent Lineup:
Gerry Owens – Vocals / Guitar
Hytham Martin – Guitars
Leon Guilfoyle – Bass
Drums – Damien Murphy

[wvc_testimonial_slider][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“The first LP of Lluther is a real smasher! A wall of sound with mighty electro effects in addition to amazing guitar and bass playing.”” name=””][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“New industrial highlight of the month. The Irish group Lluther who are on target to become the next Industrial-Rock superstars create an explosive Debut-LP. Mostly brilliant with simple guitar riffs building the prelude to those fantastic songs. Real Genre defining jewels.”” name=”Sonic Seducer Magazine”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“An awesome debut, which convinces immediately after the first listen”” name=”Rock Hard Magazine”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“An orgiastic dose of industrial anger”” name=”Subway Magazine”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“You have to listen to this LP to recognize, feel and be touched by the real genius. I urge you to listen to Lluther. It’s a real smasher, a revelation”.” name=”Sonic Seducer Magazine”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“An insider tip – they are going to go far”” name=”Moshock Magazine”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“This is a balance between furious guitar eruptions, machine-like drumbeats and heartfelt vocals that go from a whisper to a scream. Lluther gives the genre a new twist”” name=”Gothtronic”][/wvc_testimonial_slider]

Gerry 'G' Owens

Outside of Skindive, Lluther and Enemee, Gerry ‘G’ Owens has written and produced for TV, Film and Theatrical Trailers. He has also Co-Written and Produced two albums with Electronic/Industrial band Moth Complex.

Visit his Official Page for more Information, Releases etc. 

Owens’ Soundtrack / Cue Placements Include::
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation’ Movie Making Of Featurette – Placement (‘Global Extinction’). ‘San Andreas’ Movie, TV Spot – Placement (‘12-Gauge’). ‘Tomorrowland’ Movie, TV Spot – Placement (‘Gladius – Act 2’). ‘HBO Holiday Special’ TV Promo Slot – Placement (‘Warhead A – Launch Codes’). ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Movie, TV Spot – Placement (‘Global Extinction’). ‘Son of God’ Movie, TV Spot – Placement (‘Invisible Powers’). ‘Son of God’ Movie, Trailer – Placement (‘Invisible Powers’). ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Movie, Theatrical Trailer – Placement (‘Realm of the Gods’). ‘The Lone Ranger’ Movie Trailer – Placement (‘Global Extinction’). ‘Bondi Rescue TV Series – Multiple Track Placements. ‘A Maverick In London’ Feature Length Documentary – Score. ‘Crysis 2’ Trailer (‘New York, New York’). ‘Cursed – A Curious Incident in the Life of Uri Geller’ Feature Length Documentary – Full Score. ‘3 Crosses’ Movie – Full Score. ‘Blood The Last Vampire’ Movie – Soundtrack and DVD Extra Features (Various Songs). ‘Queer as Folk’ – Season 2 Episode 01 – Placement (‘No More Good Guys’). ‘ This Thing of Ours’ Movie – Soundtrack Placement (‘Confession and ‘No More Good Guys’).

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